Hellenic Authority for Higher Education

Regulated Entities

The ETHAAE is based in Athens, it has administrative autonomy and its mission is the ensurance of high quality in higher education. In the context of the mission, the ΕΤΗΑΑΕ a) contributes in the configuration and implementation of the national strategy for the higher education and in the distribution of the grants of the Higher Educational Institutions and b) evaluates and certifies the functional quality of the H.E.I.

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Αγαπητέ/ή αρμόδιε/α στην Εθνική Αρχή για την Ανώτατη Εκπαίδευση, παρακαλείσθε όπως διερευνήσετε τις αιτίες που οδήγησαν στην μη απάντηση του αιτήματό...

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